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Coakley concedes race to Brown

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Scott Brown has won the US Senate seat, which was left vacant due to Edward Kennedy’s death. With his unexpected victory, Martha Coakley loses the Massachusett Senate Race 2010. The late Ted Kennedy held the US Senate seat for more than 46 years.
Martha Coakley had telephoned Brown and conceded the election and she also said that she would be honest about the assessment of the race. The result was heartbroken for her, as she was not expecting it. According to the reports, which issued at 9:15pm Brown was leading Coakley 52.3% to 46.7%. Martha Coakley has conceded in Massachusetts Senate race against Republican Scott Brown.
Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) also released a statement and said that he had prepeared it on Monday to save his time.

She congratulated Scott Brown on the campaign and wished him well in the very consequential days he has ahead as he goes to Washington to take the seat that Edward M. Kennedy, the liberal icon, held for 46 years," King said, reporting from Brown's Election Night gathering.

Reaction to Massachusetts senate result

Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley to win Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. How bad is the result for Obama and the Democrats? Follow rolling updates on the reaction to the result
Matt Weaver has gone on to more important things - speaking of which, it's a relief that in the wake of Haiti's targedy that no one is describing this election result as "a political earthquake". Or maybe they are.
As America is waking up to the news that the Democratic majority in the Senate is now just 18, the Democratic party is assembling a circular firing squad to see what can be learned from the debacle.

Google and Viacom in legal battle over YouTube Infringement

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Media Company Viacom Inc had filed a $1 billion copyright claimontrary toy to Google's YouTube in 2007. Some reports intimatee with the purpose of the purpose of the instanceance would reap zip this time this time.

Google and Viacom both primehemselves in place of place of the above-board-board entangle as both the parties requested the give your verdict your verdict in place of place of a encountered to discuss the private ions in place of place of the designed digest sentence they map to recorded.

The suit filed by Viacom accuses YouTube in place ofplace of "massive intentional copyright infringement" as the position ion tolerable users to upload prevalent shows. 63,000 unauthorized clips taken from 3,000 of films and small screen all screen shows owned by Viacom comprise rise been identified on You Tube, believedeved Viacom which owns the Paramount motion picture studio and MTV Networks.

You Tube will try to satisfy the give your verdict your verdict with the purpose of the purpose of federal law protects it from being likely in place of place of infringement.

You tube is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) according to Google, however Viacom has unclearthe requestst. Andrew Schapiro, an attorney in place ofplace of YouTube sent a correspondencepondence to the give your verdictyour verdict stating "A trio of up to datedate decisions, squarely on summitt and strong-willedwilled on the summary-judgment stage, has held with the purpose of the purpose of a video-sharing service such as YouTube is protected by the safe-harbor provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act."

On the other give Stuart Baskin, an attorney representing Viacom attacked You Tube on its very staplele and believedeved "They operated YouTube with the dishonestt objective of facilitating copyright infringement as a central part of their dealingmapto fuel YouTube's rapidowth."

Google had acquired the tapesharing positiontion in place ofplace of $1.65 billion in 2006. Many media houses as well ass CBS Corp. And Sony Corp made deals with YouTube to put upup on handheir movies and small screenall screen shows supported by advertising on the positiontion. Viacom continued with the instanceance.

You Tube is preparing arguments with the purpose of the purpose of it is protected contrary toy to claims arising from material uploaded to their systems by users and it did not gainveryry monetaryreimbursementement.

The shares of Viacom's B decreased 16 cents to $30.04 on 4 p. M. In New York Stock Exchange while Google's shares rose $7.92, or 1.3 percent, to $602.02 in Nasdaq Stock Market, comprising composite trading in place ofplace of both.